Thursday, 9th July 2020
The world’s first guide to AIOPS – what is it, what are its benefits and why does it matter so much in the digital world?

AIOps is still in its infancy, but its potential has been recognised by many of the major IT vendors and service and cloud providers and, equally important, by an increasing number of end users who recognise that automation, integration and optimisation are vital pillars of application performance.

The four major benefits of AIOps are:

  1. Faster time to infrastructure fault resolution – great news for the service desk.
  2. Connecting performance insights to business outcomes – great news for the business.
  3. Faster and more accurate decision-making for the IT team – great news for the IT department.
  4. Helping to break down the IT silos into one integrated, business-enabling technology department

And these are obtained by a combination of application performance monitoring, network performance monitoring and infrastructure performance monitoring tools – which all have a role to play in the rapidly developing AIOPS landscape. The dream vision? A single tool that integrates and enhances these monitoring solutions and, what’s more, provides an enhanced, AI-driven analytics capability.

This AIOps Guide will examine these benefits, and the AIOps technologies, approaches and solutions available to end users through contributed articles and viewpoints which will combine to create a comprehensive AIOPS educational resource.

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This section will include technical articles as to how AIOPS technology works – what are the data centre and IT challenges it is designed to address and how it addresses them.

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AIOPS solutions are already being deployed by end users, and a customer success story, or case study, is a great way to illustrate the benefits of AIOPS.

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Less technical in content, these articles are designed to focus on the issues surrounding IT management in a hybrid, digital world, and the benefits which AIOPS brings to help solve these business challenges.

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