Automation Consultants partners with JFrog

Automation Consultants has formed a new partnership with JFrog to help customers across EMEA accelerate and secure their software development processes using JFrog's suite of DevOps products.

This partnership arrives as DevOps adoption across Europe continues to grow rapidly. More and more organizations in the region recognize the need to accelerate software delivery timelines while also maintaining a high level of security and compliance. With JFrog and Automation Consultants, organizations with significant software development activities will benefit from both cost savings and increased productivity.

"Organizations are more dependent than ever on releasing software rapidly and securely, which includes regular security and functionality updates" said Francis Miers, CEO at Automation Consultants. "JFrog's DevOps Platform makes it possible to release software more frequently and with less risk. Together, JFrog and Automation Consultants help customers to bring high quality software to market more quickly, with consequent benefits to their competitiveness and their business generally"

Automation Consultants can now provide customers with the complete JFrog Platform, including:

DevOps – JFrog Artifactory offers a universal binary repository that creates a single source of truth for any software packages from development to deployment. JFrog Artifactory is the industry-leading binary management solution with support for Docker, Maven, npm, Python and 20+ more software languages.

Security – JFrog Xray is an application security tool that fortifies your software supply chain by scanning your entire pipeline from your IDE and your CI/CD Tools, all the way through to distribution and deployment.

Edge/IoT Management – JFrog Connect allows customers automatically to send updates to, and control, monitor and secure remote Linux & IoT devices, at scale, with the click of a button.

CI/CD – JFrog Pipelines makes CI/CD an integral part of the JFrog Platform. It automates DevOps processes across teams and tools so software updates are released quickly across CI/CD pipelines.

Software Distribution – JFrog Distribution helps customers securely package artifacts and quickly distribute software globally.

Administration and Monitoring – JFrog Mission Control & Insight provides a dashboard view of JFrog Platform services, delivery visibility and metrics, even across geographically dispersed sites.

JFrog's Senior Vice President of Global Channels and Alliances, Kelly Hartman, said: "We're delighted to welcome Automation Consultants to our channel partner ecosystem and look forward to collaborating with them on ensuring developer, security, and operational teams have effective tools for securing their software supply chain – something we at JFrog feel is fundamental to safe, sustainable innovation and competitive advantage."

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