Veritas introduces Veritas Alta

Empowers customers to accelerate their transition to cloud without sacrificing control over data protection, application resiliency, or data compliance.

Veritas Technologies has advanced its Autonomous Data Management strategy with the launch of Veritas Alta, a cloud data management platform that helps enterprises transition mission-critical workloads to the cloud. Alta harnesses the benefits of the cloud to reduce costs, strengthen ransomware resiliency, and ensure data is protected, available, and compliant. Veritas also introduced Veritas Alta View, a cloud-based management console that provides a unified view and control of the entire data estate—across edge, data center, and cloud—from a single pane of glass.

The rise of multi-cloud creates a transformative infrastructure and application development platform for enterprises. However, customers own the security, protection, compliance, and availability of their data within the cloud as part of a shared responsibility model with the cloud service provider (CSP). Tools offered by CSPs deliver basic functionality, but mission-critical applications require enterprise-grade capabilities, optimized cost management and cross-cloud data mobility and visibility.

Greg Hughes is the Chief Executive Officer at Veritas, said, “Our approach to multi-cloud brings more than 30 years in enterprise-class data management innovation to bear as we address the unique needs of the cloud. Veritas Alta advances our mission to empower customers to own and control their data no matter where it resides—on-prem or in the cloud—while reducing the operational complexity and costs associated with managing multi-cloud environments.”

Veritas Alta: Ultimate Control in the Cloud

Veritas Alta delivers a unified cloud data management platform that provides the broadest array of enterprise-class data services in the industry and brings together the entire cloud portfolio from Veritas.

Veritas Alta focuses on three key areas:

● Data protection with unmatched ransomware resiliency: Veritas Alta data protection and recovery is powered by Cloud Scale Technology, Veritas’ cloud-native architecture, and provides customers a choice of consumption models, including as-a-Service. It combines automation, artificial intelligence, and an elastic architecture to deliver the most secure, autonomous, and cost-effective cloud data protection available. Together with Alta View, customers can protect and control their data across any environment, on or off premise, through a single pane of glass.

● Application resiliency that delivers up to five nines availability: Veritas Alta application resiliency brings enterprise-class availability to the cloud, enables application portability across clouds, and optimizes storage consumption at up to 50% less cost and 200% greater performance versus comparable solutions.

· Data compliance to illuminate and remediate information risks: Veritas Alta data compliance as-a-Service empowers enterprises to capture data from all communication platforms and automate content classification, reducing operational complexity and allowing customers to capture everything, archive anywhere, and discover what matters.

Veritas Alta View: Control Data Anywhere

Veritas Alta View provides a cloud-based management console that allows customers to manage their entire data protection estate, on-prem and in the cloud, from a single pane of glass. Rather than oversee multiple solutions for disparate on-prem and cloud workloads, customers can leverage a single management console for data in any location across multiple domains.

Veritas Alta View integrates the Veritas analytics engine to provide customers with complete reporting, actionable insights, and a full view of their cybersecurity posture across their entire data estate. It harnesses AI and machine learning to drive autonomous data management actions, freeing the IT team to focus on transformational activities. With the Veritas analytics engine, customers have reduced their IT management costs by 90%, and realized a 28% reduction in IT resources consumed in the cloud.

Christophe Bertrand, practice director at Enterprise Strategy Group, said, “Organizations are often confused about their data protection SLAs when they move their data and/or applications to the cloud, and may think that their responsibility to ensure the protection of these digital assets is somehow mitigated or just the vendor’s responsibility. The reality is much different: the data is in fact always the organization’s responsibility. In a multi-cloud environment, which is becoming the norm, this data protection disconnect can easily become exacerbated, in particular when organizations use many different and poorly orchestrated data protection and data management mechanisms. Limiting the number of standalone, bolt-on solutions is much needed, which is the challenge that Veritas is taking on with its Alta unified management platform.”

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