Delivering intelligent data eradication

Verity ES, a leading provider of fast, secure enterprise-class data eradication software solutions, has announced its official company launch and the commercial availability of its Verity ES data eradication enterprise software solution.

A sister company of Revert Inc., an established global leader that has delivered on-site data sanitization and enterprise IT asset disposition services to customers worldwide since 2007, Verity ES helps enterprise-class data centers, IT asset disposition companies, cloud services providers and third-party channel solutions providers and MSPs permanently remove data from the industry’s largest roster of heterogeneous devices with intelligent, patent-pending data eradication software, operational support and process analytics.

Data privacy and protection concerns are at the forefront of large data centers and data-intensive private and governmental organizations worldwide. Unrelenting data growth, internal governance, legal and compliance mandates, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and end-of-life IT equipment dispositions challenge companies to ensure data security as they implement new media technologies and applications. These data security requirements affect all organizations managing end-of-life equipment, regardless of whether it is owned, leased or utilized via a third-party managed services or cloud services provider.

“With today’s fast-paced IT technology refreshes and digital transformation initiatives, organizations face increasing cost and complexity to remove confidential data from end-of-life and end-of-lease devices,” said Tony Lock, Director of Engagement and Distinguished Analyst, Freeform Dynamics. “These data eradication challenges touch and impact multiple departments within every organization – covering information subject to legal and compliance regulations, finance, IT and data center operations, as well as ESG – environmental, social and corporate governance – concerns. It is therefore important that organizations look for operational expertise and tools to automate their processes to eliminate, in a timely fashion, sensitive and private data that can save significant time, energy and costs.“

Organizations today spend significant time, energy and budget to eliminate sensitive and private information from end-of-life devices. The data destruction service global market is estimated at USD 12.82 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 14.33% to reach USD 25.10 billion by 2027.(1) Organizations that fail to eradicate data from or dispose of end-of-life devices containing sensitive or private information can face stiff fines, as illustrated by the SEC’s recent $35 million fine levied against Morgan Stanley. With hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars – and their public reputations – at stake, organizations increasingly view end-of-life data elimination as an integral part of data lifecycle management, evolving it from back office operations to significant C-suite business decisions.

“The Verity ES certified, patent-pending enterprise software provides industry-leading data eradication security, economics and operational support, enabling organizations to permanently eliminate sensitive and private data extremely quickly, easily and across the widest range of devices and storage media,” said Saeed Karim, CEO of Revert Inc. and Verity ES. “Our experience working with customers around the world over the past 15 years illuminated an unmet need in the market for a comprehensive data eradication solution that delivers process optimization and support, improved throughput and ease of use, and advanced data analytics and diagnostics to increase efficiency. Verity ES meets these requirements and more, allowing our customers to ensure eradication success, accelerate technology refreshes and maximize the residual value return of their assets – all with ease and minimal administrative effort.”

Verity ES enables organizations to overcome the cost and resource challenges historically associated with data elimination, boost residual value recoupment, and refresh or consolidate technology more quickly, with virtually zero disruption to ongoing data operations. Users can eradicate data with Verity ES’s simple, three-clicks of the mouse process for unsurpassed ease of use. Verity ES also enables parallel data eradication processing of 500+ devices from a single appliance without any performance degradation, a 150 percent advantage over the competitive capabilities of only 200 devices in a similar environment. It supports the country-specific data erasure regulations and standards for 25+ countries worldwide – one of the industry’s most comprehensive and continually growing coverage footprints. With Verity ES, customers can turn recorded data elimination into an opportunity to drive IT, business and budgetary opportunities and meet environmental, social and corporate governance objectives. Advantages of the Verity ES solution include:

● Fast, automated eradication assessments and approach determinations. Automatically determines the quickest and most efficient method to eradicate data on each device and media type, reducing the need for operational oversight and manual decision-making.

● Extensive, industry-leading device applicability and increased eradication success rates. Eradicates data across the broadest range of devices and storage media, including high-capacity HDDs, SSDs, and NVMe SSDs, and increases eradication success rates and yields.

o For example, one customer gained $6.4 million in residual value from Verity ES’s ability to eradicate data from approximately 36,000 HDD and SSD disks that failed to remove the data using a competitor’s software. Verity ES data eradication also enabled them to save 2.6K Kg of greenhouse gas emissions over shredding and disposal.

● Maximized residual asset value returns. Automates critical aspects of the data eradication process to increase data eradication speeds and sanitization success rates to allow customers to maximize the residual value of their assets. The capacities and residual values of large-capacity media and solid state devices (SSDs) are rising, and aggregate residual asset values can be significant.

o For example, enterprise data center customers can end-of-life 500,000+ devices annually, with residual values ranging from $5 to $10,000+ per device, depending on the age, condition and media type.

● Advanced data analytics. The data analytics module allows customers to monitor operational performance in real-time using the data collected during the eradication processing.

● Comprehensive support. Support goes far beyond typical software support and includes proactive support and assistance in determining the most efficient processes to reduce overall eradication timelines.

● Supports environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives. Provides a highly secure, economically superior data eradication alternative to data destruction (device shredding/degaussing), enabling devices to be reused, resold and repurposed.

“ADISA tested the Verity Eradication Software v1.0.1 on magnetic and SSD drives and found it effective at rendering data unrecoverable using data recovery techniques aligned to our test level 2,” said Steve Mellings, founder & CEO, ADISA Certification. “We’ve also evaluated the processes that Revert carried out in the development and support to their software, which provides further reassurance that the future product versions will be equally effective.”

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