Channel leaders applaud a people-first culture

Agilitas launches ‘EVOLVE for Your People’ Report.

Agilitas IT Solutions has launched its ‘EVOLVE for Your People’ report. This guide forms the latest instalment in its Technology Channel insight campaign, ‘EVOLVE - Voice of the Channel’, which continues to provide actionable, free-to-view market insights.

The report, which explores the findings of the latest research commissioned by Agilitas, discusses how changing business models, implementing initiatives and transforming organisations can help Channel firms take the next steps to becoming more people-centric whilst still continuing to drive profits and achieve net zero targets.

With the UK now facing ‘The Great Resignation’, organisations in the Technology Channel are navigating challenges both in keeping staff and finding new talent in a competitive market where the level of open vacancies is the highest on record. However, it is encouraging to see that business leaders have strong confidence in the Channel’s ability to attract and retain talent, ranking at 7.8 out of 10, with 64% scoring 8 or above on the scale.

The report also revealed optimism from Channel businesses in relation to having the right recruitment policies in place to maximise their position, with confidence in this area reaching 7.6 on the barometer. This demonstrates that many companies have shifted their recruitment strategies in line with their own transformation, to appeal to a wider talent pool capable of meeting customer needs and with new skills fulfilling emerging technology-based roles.

Workplace culture across the Technology Channel is a new theme for this year’s Channel Confidence Index, as businesses are recognising the impact that company culture has on long term retention. Despite the major shift, it is positive to see that organisations feel assured in providing methods to support people across their business, with confidence in this area reaching a mean score of 7.9 out of 10 (where 10 was ‘very confident’).

Interestingly, when asking Channel decision makers which factors positively impacted a workplace culture, hybrid and remote working (39.2%), diversity and inclusion (32.4%), team building or social activities (31.2%), company-wide communication (30%) and responding to employee feedback (29%) rated the highest.

“Despite the global pandemic, the Technology Channel has made significant strides in nurturing company culture and recruiting the next generation of talent. Whilst confidence across the sector remains strong, there are still improvements to be made especially for smaller organisations that have limited resources,” commented Bev Markland, Chief People Officer at Agilitas.

“The Great Resignation poses new challenges for Channel leaders, in relation to keeping staff and finding new talent in a fiercely competitive environment. The Technology Channel, however, is extremely open to change, with many companies working hard to ensure they strengthen their companies while prioritising their most valuable assets - their people. Therefore positioning teams as a business's greatest asset, creating a sense of community and building a sustainable culture will be a top priority moving forward.”

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