DRYiCE iObserve powered by SolarWinds offers 'comprehensive observability'

Integrated solution based on artificial intelligence (AI), observation, insight, and proactivity designed to enable organizations of all sizes and industries, no matter where they are on their modernization journeys.

HCLSoftware has launched DRYiCE iObserve powered by SolarWinds. DRYiCE iObserve is a comprehensive, integrated, and full-stack observability solution designed to observe the complex IT ecosystem across hybrid cloud deployments and help customers accelerate digital transformation in today’s complex and distributed IT environment.

As organizations progress their digital transformation initiatives, they’re modernizing their operations, applications, and databases and leveraging hybrid and multi-cloud deployments—all while supporting traditional workloads and systems. Organizations managing these complex environments have amassed various monitoring tools across different teams. According to an IDC survey, “Almost all (89.4%) respondents had between two and 10 monitoring tools, which is in line with the finding that seven different observability capabilities were deployed by more than a third of respondents.” As a result, IT Ops, DevOps, and SecOps teams receive an overload of alerts and disjointed analytics and have difficulty accessing the actionable insights they need to quickly identify, prioritize, and resolve issues in business-critical services. These disparate tools can also be cumbersome to implement and manage, and they can become cost-prohibitive to maintain and scale, creating operational and business risks.

DRYiCE iObserve helps solve these problems through a cost-effective full-stack solution designed to provide end-to-end oversight of service delivery and component dependencies, helping organizations shift from a reactive to proactive IT posture as they meet the challenges of today’s hybrid IT realities. With DRYiCE iObserve, businesses gain single-pane-of-glass monitoring with actionable intelligence to expedite problem resolution and enable proactive management.

“Observability can provide a more comprehensive and holistic view for business leaders, thus ensuring performance, reliability, and security in hybrid cloud environments,” said Kalyan Kumar, Chief Product Officer, HCLSoftware. “This partnership with SolarWinds is an innovative and differentiated collaboration built around intelligent automation, analytics, and unlocking data value, which will help enterprises manage full-stack observability while accelerating growth.”

“Going forward, observability will play a significant role in the digital transformation journey of organizations,” said Rohini Kasturi, Chief Product Officer, SolarWinds. “As organizations continue to prioritize agility, resilience, and innovation, observability will become an essential tool for understanding and optimizing complex hybrid ecosystems in real-time.”

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