Volkswagen Financial Services partners with Oracle

World’s largest automotive financial services provider migrates databases to Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer to support and scale mission-critical systems.

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Under a multi-year collaboration with Oracle, Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS), the world’s largest automotive financial services provider, has migrated the bulk of its databases to Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer, a cloud database platform delivered as a managed infrastructure service in Volkswagen Financial Services’ own data centers.

Oracle enables VWFS to modernise its database technologies to support and scale mission-critical systems supporting the company’s European operations, while retaining control of its data governance and meeting data security and locality regulations.

“Customer centricity has a very high priority within the VWFS world. This view is applicable for IT itself but certainly also for our IT operations. High performance and high availability of our systems are fundamental to our business success. When it came to the decision of using Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer, I had no doubts that this would support us in fulfilling our performance and efficiency targets,” said Matthias Knappstein, Head of IT Operations Volkswagen Financial Services. “With Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer, we have been able to quickly migrate mission-critical systems to a cloud infrastructure while ensuring we maintain full control of our data management and keep data close to our customers. Oracle provides us with a highly scalable platform, giving us the flexibility to expand and meet the rapid growth and diversification of our business.”

Following the migration from its previous on-premises environment, VWFS has been able to use Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer to significantly improve performance and availability of core services, including up to 60 percent latency reductions for critical applications and over 50 percent acceleration of data analytics processes. In addition, Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer enables data management automation that has helped VWFS increase operational efficiency.

“The financial services industry is evolving rapidly to adopt new technologies that meet data sovereignty and security regulations,” said Richard Smith, executive vice president, Technology, EMEA, Oracle. “Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer provides VWFS with superior database performance and availability to accommodate the delivery and scaling of a wide range of business-critical services, while enabling the company to meet stringent data residency requirements. Our distributed cloud approach enables customers such as Volkswagen to keep data and applications where they need them—just one reason why we are seeing significant traction for Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer in financial services and other highly-regulated industries around the world.”

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