LinkedIn Automates All of the Easy Things, and Makes all of the Hard Things Easy

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Hear LinkedIn’s senior SRE, Todd Palino, share how the company continually improves the state of its infrastructure, so that the developers who are rolling out applications have a framework that they can do it within, and they can do it safely. LinkedIn currently generates over 50 terabytes a day of unique metrics on applications. No human is going to look at 50 terabytes a day of data and get anything useful out of it, so LinkedIn relies on systems give them some useful signal out of all that noise. By moving down the road of machine learning, LinkedIn can now do anomaly detection using machine learning models.
Stephane Zantain, Head of Customer Engagement, Europe, at Capgemini Invent, explains why customer engagement depends on being able to recreate one-to-one relationships despite complex touchpoints.
Enterprise Story - Democratising access to superior technology with machine learning agents. Watch Danny Lange, VP of AI and Machine Learning at Unity Technologies on stage at World Summit AI 2018 in Amsterdam.
Learn how ITOps teams can apply machine learning and advanced analytics to manage the ever increasing volume of operational data across complex, hybrid environments. AIOps use cases including event noise reduction predictive alerting and probable cause analysis enable ITOps to optimize the performance and health of infrastructure and applications while supporting business innovation.
UiPath robots can leverage Machine Learning to gain skills. This demo shows a robot that learned to read receipts and create expenses in Concur.
On this podcast edition, Eric Nielsen, Sr. Director Social Media & Communities and his Co-host: John White, Systems Engineer, will have a roundtable discussion w/ Justin Murray, VMware Technical Marketing Architect to talk about Machine Learning on vSphere
DW/DCS talks to Richard Clifford, Head of Innovation at Keysource, about the launch of a new facilities maintenance service - Keysource Artificial Intelligence (KAI) - which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to help organisations transform their edge operational management strategy.