Scaling DevOps and automation

How the Splunk team uses DevOps methodologies to help with automation strategies, application deployment, and building a demo environments and workshops.
Communications and awareness.
Almost every organization is exploring data and cloud technologies as part of their digital transformation journey. A leading vehicle manufacture was able to harness the power of its data with application workflow orchestration to reduce fleet downtime by 40%. See how they: - Built an advanced predictive maintenance program using IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning - Ran a dynamic big data pipeline across multi-cloud environments - Delivered cost-saving insights while creating a new revenue stream
In this video, Eric Minick with IBM Cloud discusses application modernization and three transformations that are happening at the same time in architecture, infrastructure and delivery.
Cloudless Computing is a new approach to how software is developed, delivered, and consumed. It radically simplifies and democratizes the way developers and users access the tools, services and data that power enterprise applications.
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Schiphol Group safeguards against risk and loss and creates a complete audit trail using Oracle Aconex. Packages functionality breaks down work and speeds reporting. APIs are used to tie Aconex to other applications and provide one complete view.