IA Connect Webinar & Demo- Eliminate your Surface Automation Challenges

IA-Connect integrates directly with platforms such as BluePrism and UiPath to initiate and manage remote session tunnels through Citrix or Microsoft RDS, removing the reliance on image-based technologies and enabling processes to be developed in practically the same way as developing natively.
Ethics and AI: can we have both?
The next wave of automation is entering the enterprise by means of ‘virtual colleagues’. Software robotic solutions are improving our internal processes and enhancing our human workforce, freeing them of low-value repetitive tasks in order to focus on creative and high-value tasks.
Watson Assistant delivers engaging experiences across your business, transforming how you interact with customers and employees.
Case Study: Intelligence at work for all. Automation helps multiple stakeholders and improve workers’ lives.
Municipality Kate is providing citizens of Riihimäki with 24/7 info on public services and a new way to engage with their local authority.
Imagination gives us the freedom to combine the tools we have in reach to create new capabilities and generate new value. Blue Prism’s connected-RPA is just this type of combinatory innovation.