Majority of European office workers trust that their workplace is investing in future technology

Three-quarters are optimistic that technology will create new career opportunities.

New research commissioned by Ricoh Europe, which polled 3,000 office workers across the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain, reveals that:

73% trust that their workplace is investing in technology now to meet the workforce requirements of the future

75% are optimistic about the opportunities technology can bring to their career – a 19% increase since 2020

34% think they will work with robots or AI at their workplace in the next 5 years – an increase of 24% since last year

85% expect their employer to provide the tools and training to help them adapt to new roles as technology changes

53% agree that their employer provides the right technology and creates a culture that supports how they need to work

35% say it is difficult to feel motivated and engaged while remote working due to communication / technology problems – an increase of 20% since 2020

44% think their company culture suffered during coronavirus restrictions

Nicola Downing, CEO, Ricoh Europe, says: “Investing in the right technology for hybrid working is intrinsically linked to its success, as is having a robust future-proof strategy in place. Both employees and decision makers are realising the potential for technology to boost careers and workplace culture. Using technology to create the right workplace experience is vital to attracting and retaining the best people in a market where digital-savvy talent is in such high demand.”

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