Genesys has introduced expanded generative AI capabilities for experience orchestration, helping organisations unlock deeper customer and operational insights using the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) as a force multiplier for employees.
The new fibre-optic cable deployed along the Tunnel provides access to the highest number of data centres fibre-connected between the UK and mainland Europe.
The company’s vision for Cisco Networking Cloud will create a simpler network management platform experience to help customers easily access and manage all Cisco networking products from one place.
Israel's largest health services provider partners with Cloudera to use a data lake in its private cloud to manage and analyze data from over half the country’s population in real-time for quicker and better-informed decision-making, improving the quality of patient care.

Expert Opinions

By Michael Akinla, Business Manager, Northern Europe, and Ireland.
By Rhonda Doyle, Senior Director of Field Services Operations at Schneider Electric.
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), used by professional designers. It creates an initial representation of the expected airflow within the data center. CFD models the heat exchanges between the IT equipment, the air and the cooling equipment. Designers use CFD to predict the optimal placement and size of cooling systems. By Gabriel St-Pierre Lemieux, PhD Chemical Engineering, AKCP
By Victoria Marshall-Rice, Chief Human Resources Officer at Expereo.